UMH 5G Chip


The UMH 5G Chip is an upgrade for your UMH Disc of any size. It increases the effective operating radius of your disc, making it more powerful towards 5G.

Suitable for all mobile and radio frequencies such as: 5G, GSM UMTS, Bluetooth, Dect, WiFi, and 2.4 – 5.0 GHz signals, and more.

  • Effective operating radius: 1 electronic device
  • Diameter: 3 cm / 1.2 in
  • Thickness: 1 mm / 0.04 in
  • Weight: 0.5 g / 0.01 oz
  • Material: 100% silicon dioxide gel coding (quartz crystal)

Stick on one small electronic device, e.g. cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.

Stick on UMH EMF Disc model for upgrade.

*Chip cannot be moved and reused on another device or disc.

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