Synergy Science

Echo H2 Tablets (60)


Echo H2 Tablets are designed for people on the go. Whether you are traveling, an athlete, or just staying healthy, H2 Tablets allow you to get hydrogen water in every bottle. 

Echo H2 Tablets are designed to be used in 16 ounces of purified water. Simply add one tablet to your 16 ounces of purified water and allow the elemental magnesium to react, releasing 1.5 parts per million of molecular hydrogen. 

With the Echo H2 Tablets, you’re ready to claim the benefits of hydrogen water wherever you go. 

  • Reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, the leading cause in over 170 diseases
  • Boost cognitive function, metabolism, and exercise recovery time 
  • Support healthy gut functions 

One bottle of Echo H2 Tablets allows for 60 uses in 16 ounces of water. Purified or Reverse Osmosis water is recommended. For maximum hydrogen, allow tablets to dissolve for 20 minutes. Reaction time is slower in cold water. 

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