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Healevations is a team of holistic Health and Wellness professionals in Boulder, CO dedicated to bringing you the most exciting, transformative Healing and Wellness technologies on the market.

We are a BBB Accredited business.

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Our core mission at Healevations is to inspire you to reclaim your health to have the freedom for vitality. We have the relationships and resources to equip you with revolutionary and ethical education and technology to inspire a vital, healthy lifestyle and a healing home in a holistic and natural way.

How We Can Help

Healevations provides a hub for quality-tested products, down-to-earth insight into the world of health, and access to a community of people who are transforming their lives through holistic paths to maintaining balanced health and vitality.

Our primary concern is supporting you in making healthy choices that will benefit your quality of life and well-being and to offer the resources you need to transform your lifestyle. To this end, we promote the ethic of “conscious consumerism”, providing you access to a wealth of resources and training that will help you make informed choices relevant to your specific needs and products you are already shopping for.

We specialize in home health innovations —products and technologies which you can integrate into your daily life that will help mitigate the many environmental hazards of the 21st century. We know that wellness begins at home and in our communities, from what we do everyday to what we’re exposed to in our environments and put in our bodies.

The products we endorsed meet the highest quality standards on the market, and are developed and promoted by various leaders in the industry. We know what works because we’ve thoroughly vetted each product ourselves, and we’ve researched and tried hundreds of other products on the market.

Our Team

David Drimmel - C.H.E.K IMS & HLC - Founder

  • Holistic Lifestyle Consultant ~ Health Coach
  • Movement Teacher ~ Corrective Exercise Therapist

David created Healevations as a space for a non predatory sales culture in the market of healing devices or health technologies. With over ten years experience in researching and using healing devices, his passion is in finding and sharing the latest factual information in the marketplace and to educate others about the benefits of alternative and holistic therapies.

As a practiced holistic movement and lifestyle student and teacher, David is passionate about uplifting individuals to find and follow their deepest passions in life and to provide them insight into their pillar of health that will maximize their impact on this planet at this time.

In his spare time, David likes to spend time in nature in stillness, create music, and continue his spiritual studies and practice. As an aspiring evolutionary artist and entrepreneur, his long term mission in life is to continue to emerge free and determined with others and promote achieving and maintaining the same in others.

Experience and Credentials

  • C.H.E.K. E.C. & H.L.C. Certifications (chekinstitute.com)
  • Pranic Healing – South FL
  • Taichi Qigong Assistant Instructor (kungfuconnection.net)
  • Molecular Hydrogen Consultant (https://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com)
  • Infrared Wellness Consultant
  • Product Development Consultant

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HLC Coaching Session ($60): A one hour holistic lifestyle coaching session with David will cover a comprehensive assessment, go into the details of your main goals and concerns, and empower you to take the correct next steps.


Top 3 Recommendations for Reading:

Eric Ziefordt - Homeostatic Health Advocate - Home Wellness Specialist

Eric joined the team to pursue his passion in helping people to transform their lives with healing technologies. With over ten years experience in health technologies and detoxification, he has helped hundreds of individuals and families improve their health and vitality. Caring and compassionate, he stands by his words and is here to help humanity.

Eric also has a passion for healing food with previous experience as a chef. He enjoys cooking for others and sharing from the heart. You may find some of his recipes on our blog. In his free time he likes to enjoy nature, hiking, yoga, meditation, and his spiritual studies.

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