Our Mission

Supporting your life-long journey to holistic health, wellness and vitality.

Healevations was created to be a source of expertise and insight for the healing journey, providing access to products and services that meet only the highest standards of quality, integrity, and effectiveness.

Our mission is to support you in reclaiming and maintaining your health and vitality from the comfort of your home.

We know what works, because we've thoroughly vetted each product ourselves, and have researched and personally tested hundreds of other related products on the market.

Healevations is empowering individuals to find and follow their deepest passions in life, and providing them insights into their pillar of health that will help maximize their beneficial impact on the planet.

Our Team

David Drimmel, Founder

Certified as a professional health consultant in holistic lifestyle, corrective movement, and stress management, David is recognized as a passionate advocate for the health and well-being of those who are accepting responsibility for their own healing and wellness.

In his own healing journey, David has personally experienced how emerging technologies can powerfully assist individuals in improving or maximizing their health. Over the last decade, he has explored the benefits of infrared saunas, water structuring and purification systems, body detoxification processes, EMF protection devices, and acoustic resonance technologies. Along the way, he developed hard-won expertise in making an in-home sauna a cornerstone of a personal do-it-yourself health and wellness program.

But David quickly learned that in this burgeoning alternative health market there are too many competing products that are poorly built, ecologically unsound, disregard safety standards, and do not exhibit a commitment to satisfying real needs. This confusing situation presents a withering challenge for anyone seeking to enhance their physical well-being.

Recognizing this daunting predicament, David founded Healevations to represent the client and the commitment to the l ong-term satisfaction and well-being of his community

Experience and Credentials

  • C.H.E.K. E.C. & H.L.C. Certifications (chekinstitute.com)
  • Pranic Healing – South FL
  • Taichi Qigong Assistant Instructor (kungfuconnection.net)
  • Molecular Hydrogen Consultant (https://www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com)
  • Infrared Wellness Consultant
  • Product Development Consultant

Recommendations for Reading:

Eric Ziefordt - Homeostatic Health Advocate - Home Wellness Specialist

Eric joined the team to pursue his passion in helping people to transform their lives with healing technologies. With over ten years experience in health technologies and detoxification, he has helped hundreds of individuals and families improve their health and vitality. Caring and compassionate, he stands by his words and is here to help humanity.

Eric also has a passion for healing food with previous experience as a chef. He enjoys cooking for others and sharing from the heart. You may find some of his recipes on our blog. In his free time he likes to enjoy nature, hiking, yoga, meditation, and his spiritual studies.

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Product Partners

Healevations also serves as an ardent client champion to product developers and manufacturers, calling for needed improvements and innovations when necessary. In this way, Healevations is slowly helping to raise standards in the industry. 

Healevation's first commitment is to our clients, which holds the manufacturer's feet to the fire.

While clients appreciate Healevations’ generous sharing of expertise and education, product developers greatly value Healevations’ candid feedback and input from discerning users of their products.

Healevations is a bridge between product developers and their intended customers. Healevations' clients are prized and respected in the industry because of their highly-educated discernment and actual product experience. Healevations' primary loyalty is to their clients, while also honoring true innovation and integrity among product developers.

Healevations' product partners currently include: