Salt Sauna Halotherapy at Home

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Convert your sauna into a revitalizing salt inhalation room with Microsalt SaltProX.

Designed for use in heating cabins where the humidity can be adjusted to less than 40% relative humidity, SaltProX creates a pleasant microclimate with a high salt-aerosol concentration, distributing dry salt aerosol evenly in the cabin. The result: maximum benefit for you with minimum effort.

Microsalt is a revolutionary dry salt aerosol treatment which can benefit your health without medication and without side effects. Regular exposure to a dry salt aerosol environment has a verifiably positive effect on the health and wellbeing of your lungs, upper airways and skin. It also strengthens your immune system, making you less susceptible to complaints such as allergies, sinusitis, colds, flu, laryngitis etc. Microsalt has launched dry salt aerosol therapy as the worthy successor of halotherapy. This is a form of inhalation treatment which has been practiced in Eastern Europe for decades, in rooms filled with salt crystals.

Microsalt is especially recommended for hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis or chronic lung diseases. Microsalt is also suitable for people frequently suffering from colds or struggling with sinusitis, as well as for people with skin diseases, sleep disorders or depressions.

Simply preheat the heating cabin to 30 to 50°C, place the device inside, then switch on the main switch and insert the salt container in the device. After pressing the start/stop button, the device starts with the salt-aerosol production. After about ten minutes, there is an optimal dry salt concentration, and the colour of the lighting changes from orange to blue. Now you can start with your inhalation. After an hour, the device will switch off automatically.

The powerful healing properties of halotherapy are earning the attention of some of the world’s most advanced medical institutions and publications. Many believe that when people inhale this salty air, it can help stimulate their respiratory system, reduce inflammation, fight infection, clear blockages and reduce discomfort.

  • Dry salt aerosols have strong hygroscopic properties and help dissolve secretions lodged in the airways.
  • Dry salt aerosols have an anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect..
  • Dry salt aerosols stimulate the removal of mucus and dirt from the airways.
  • With over 99% sodium chloride, the natural rock salt used for the Microsalt application has the highest level of purity found in nature.

salt air lung penetration diagram

Penetration depth of salt-enhanced air using – on the left – conventional technology and – on the right – Microsalt.

In the 1840s, a Polish doctor named Feliks Boczkowski noticed something interesting while treating workers in the Wieleczka Salt Mines. Unlike other miners who routinely experienced lung problems from breathing in the pollutants in the mines, he found that patients rarely had respiratory issues. Boczkowski attributed this to the high salt content in the cave’s microclimate and he published a treatise detailing his theories in 1843. Several years later one of his pupils opened the first salt inhalation clinic in Poland. Today, Boczkowski is considered the father of modern Halotherapy.

This wasn’t the first time people had drawn the connection between salt content in the air and improved respiratory health. Catholic monks in times in Europe regularly brought people with respiratory issues into salt caves and then crushed the salt with their feet to release it into the air. Salt therapy was also used in the days of ancient Greece and Rome.

Since it’s not realistic for everyone to have regular access to salt caves, halotherapy generators are a great option for incorporating salt therapy into your wellness routine. One of the best solutions on the market is the Microsalt Halotherapy Generator.

When using the Microsalt Halotherapy Generator, you can enjoy the benefits of salt therapy. The Halogenerator grinds pharmaceutical grade salt into micronized particles, which are then dispersed into your Jacuzzi® infrared sauna.

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